Tefal HEALTHY & TASTY Induction Low Gi Rice Cooker – (RK8608)

Tefal HEALTHY & TASTY Induction Low Gi Rice Cooker – (RK8608)

  • Tefal Healthy & Tasty rice cooker: Healthy white rice with no compromise on taste
  • Healthy: “Healthy Rice” basket to isolate starch
  • Tasty: Induction heating technology and spherical cooking pot for optimum results
  • Compact rice cooker: Up to 5 cups (1.0 Liter), perfect for small families/spaces
  • Versatile cooking programs: Healthy rice, brown rice, multigrain rice, multigrain congee, quick cooking, congee, porridge, soup, steam, reheat
  • Convenient: Delayed-start and automatic keep-warm functions
  • Easy to use: Digital glass panel with touch control buttons
  • Easy to clean: Dishwasher-safe for all removable parts
  • Repairable for 10 years
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Healthy rice never tasted so good! With the Tefal Healthy & Tasty rice cooker, enjoy healthy white rice with all the taste.


  • -20% Carbs on white rice
  • Suitable for small & medium sized family (1-6 pax)
  • Multi-functional Cooking Menus
  • Induction Technology : Precise in time and temperature 
  • 3mm thick durable Alu-Iron combine with copper coating
  • Easy clean and maintain 
  • Stainless steel steam basket 
  • Easy control touch screen panel
  •  Dual Cooking method (normal rice cooking / Steam Rice)


  • High Price Point 
  • Longer cooking time compare to conventional Rice cooker 
  • Consumes more electricity than a conventional rice cooker
  • Heavy


Healthy white rice with no compromise on taste

Thanks to its unique 2-step cooking process and a "Healthy Rice" basket designed to isolate starch during the cooking process, the Healthy & Tasty rice cooker by Tefal offers healthy white rice with no compromise on taste. Enjoy total versatility and optimal results with this convenient, compact rice cooker!

"Healthy Rice" program with unique "Healthy Rice" basket to isolate starch. 

Reduce 20% carbs on white rice.*

*test conducted by an independent laboratory showing 19.8% reduction in carbs of rice cooked with Healthy Rice program vs regular Rice program

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