Philips Airfryer XXL HD9630/99

Philips Airfryer XXL HD9630/99

Great tasting fried food
Enjoy great tasting fried food with now even less fat1

Philips XXL has the full size and power to cook a whole chicken or deliciously crisp up to 2 bags (1.4kg) of fries in one go. Innovative Twin TurboStar technology removed excess fat, and makes airfrying even healthier2– with all the great taste your family expects
  • Our largest, most powerful Airfryer
  • Reduce fat for healthier meals & snacks
  • Fry, bake, roast & grill

compared to conventional cooking
compared on fat content of chicken versus low fat fryers

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Fry with little or no added oil

The Airfryer uses hot air to cook your favorite foods with little or no added oil, so you can fry with up to 90% less fat*. Enjoy great-tasting, crispy results like deep fried, with the least amount of fat.


  • Healthy cooking, Oil-less Fryer 
  • 2 years warranty.  
  • Easy to clean basket and  removable drawer with non-stick coating 
  • Odorless 
  • Recipes book provided


  • Pricey
  • Longer time to cook
    Cooking result dryer as there is no oil used for cooking
  • Run electricity


Airfryer XXL has an ultra-large capacity- 50% bigger than our compact Airfryer

That's big enough to cook a whole chicken or deliciously crisp up to 2 bags (1.4kg) of fries in one go. 

Ultimately, Air fryers offer healthier meals, time saver, the ability to feast on your favorite food without the guilt of adding the other obesity and much more. Its growing popularity also implies it’s soon going to be a staple in any home. These are some of the benefits that would cover up the disadvantages. 

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