Hitachi Induction Rice Cooker RZ-JHE18Y (1.8L)

Hitachi Induction Rice Cooker RZ-JHE18Y (1.8L)

-IH & Inverter-Ultimate Rice Cooker Technology
Japanese induction heating (IH) is the most advanced heating technology for rice cookers. IH produces magnetic forces that generate heat in the pot itself to yield rice that’s fluffy and has a uniform texture and delicious taste.

-3.6mm Thick Iron Pot
Thanks to the pot’s 3.6mm thickness, heat is transmitted uniformly to cook rice evenly. The pot also retains heat exceptionally well to further ensure delicious, fluffy rice.

-Inverter control enables fine adjustment of heating power for delicious results
Comparison of temperature curve inside of the pot during cooking.

-Auto Recipe Mode
The Auto Recipe Mode lets you choose from 40 recipes in the cookbook. Cooking your favorite dishes is easier than ever!

-Easy to Use
Often-used buttons are large and located in the center. The large letters are also easy to use.



  • Multiple Cooking Mode -Different modes and water level indications ensure the best results depending on the type of rice you’re cooking.
  • Microcomputer Controlled Heating - Ensures the exact temperature at different stages of rice cooking.
  • Double Cook Mode - Using two baskets (Double Cook Basket & Steam Basket), dishes are cooked separately with steam and heat that is generated when cooking rice and goes through the baskets.
  • Big Steam Cap - Provides more space to hold sticky vapor and prevents water from spilling.
  • Bright Water Level Indicator -Helps you adjust water level to the optimum amount depending on type of rice.


  • Suitable for big sized family (up to 10 pax)
  • 40 Auto recipes menus
  • Extra - Big Super Steam Cap
  •  Auto adjustments to cooking time
  • Rapid cook function, Eco mode
  • Perfect flurry rice
  • 3.6mm Thick Iron Pot
  • IH Heating , even cooking


  • Expensive 
  • Longer cooking time compare to conventional Rice cooker 
  • Consumes more electricity than a conventional rice cooker
  • Irremovable Inner Lid and Steam Cap
  • Plastic steamer accessories


More than your conventional rice cooker, made with an Advance Induction Heating Technology, you can expect an evenly cooked, fluffy rice with the Hitachi RZ-GHE18Y Rice Cooker.

Key Features

  • 3.6mm thick iron pot is designed to transmit heat that allows evenly cooked rice.
  • Auto Recipe Mode that allows you to choose from 40 recipes.
  • Easy operations.with the large buttons and letters.

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