Hitachi Induction Rice Cooker RZ-GHE18Y (1.8L)

Hitachi Induction Rice Cooker RZ-GHE18Y (1.8L)

  • Advanced IH & Inverter – Ultimate Rice Cooker Technology
  • 1300W High Power Inverter Technology
  • 2.3mm Thick Iron Pot
  • Multiple Cooking Mode


IH Technology: The Most Advanced Heating Technology for Rice Cookers

The induction heating (IH) produces magnetic forces that generate heat in the pot itself to yield rice that’s fluffy and has a uniform texture and delicious taste.

  • Multiple Cooking Mode -Different modes and water level indications ensure the best results depending on the type of rice you’re cooking.
  • Microcomputer Controlled Heating - Ensures the exact temperature at different stages of rice cooking.
  • Double Cook Mode - Using two baskets (Double Cook Basket & Steam Basket), dishes are cooked separately with steam and heat that is generated when cooking rice and goes through the baskets.
  • Big Steam Cap - Provides more space to hold sticky vapor and prevents water from spilling.
  • Bright Water Level Indicator -Helps you adjust water level to the optimum amount depending on type of rice.


  • Suitable for big sized family (up to 10 pax)
  • Extra - Big Super Steam Cap
  •  Auto adjustments to cooking time
  • Rapid Eco mode
  • Perfect flurry rice
  • IH Heating , even cooking


  • Expensive 
  • Longer cooking time compare to conventional Rice cooker 
  • Consumes more electricity than a conventional rice cooker
  • Irremovable Inner Lid and Steam Cap
  • Plastic steamer accessories


More than your conventional rice cooker, made with an Advance Induction Heating Technology, you can expect an evenly cooked, fluffy rice with the Hitachi  RZ-GHE18Y Rice Cooker.

Key Features

  • 2.3mm thick iron pot is designed to transmit heat that allows evenly cooked rice.
  • Inverter Control Enables Fine Adjustment of Heating Power for Delicious Results
  • Various Rice Modes & Cooking Mode

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