Must Have Appliances at Home During MCO

Must Have Appliances at Home During MCO

One of the best places to put your investment in is always Home Appliances which could possibly increase efficiency of house cores. Especially during MCO, most of us stay home more than usual and cook more often then working in office. Lifestyle is changing due to outbreak of  Covid19, is time to upgrade some effective and affordable home appliances for yourself and home.

 Here is the 5 essential / must have home appliances you need to consider invest for your home: 

Hitcachi Microcomputer rice cookerRZD10VFY

Multifunction Rice Cooker

In this modern days, rice cooker not only could cook rice, but it comes with preset programs like cake, soup, bread, slow cook and etc. One pot cooking in rice cooker is always the best recipes for people who have no skill on cooking. With multifunction rice cooker, you might slowly learn / try different recipes with only one rice cooker. 

Must have appliances at home

Food Steamer
Food Steamer is another appliances which you might need to consider as it is a healthy cooking essential appliances, beside cooking without oil, steam food is one of the way to keep your kitchen clean. On top of that, multi-layer food trays allow you to cook different recipes in one go, for example, you can steam rice is Tray 1, steam fish in Tray 2 and steam vege or egg in Tray 3. Save time, healthy and save space. 

Dyson v8 vsacuum cleaner

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Invest on a cordless vacuum cleaner makes your life more easier, cleaning floor is daily job and how wonderful it is if your could save 50% of your time and efforts to clean up the house everyday. Nowadays there are quite some numbers of cordless vacuum cleaner brands in the market, is not a must to purchase a branded and high price cordless vacuum cleaner,  there are a lot other brands comes with affordable price which you could consider. See More

2020 must have home applainces

Another must have appliances, oven. Not only could do baking, reheat frozen food, toast bread, roast, and grill. Too bored at home during MCO, try different recipes with oven.  There are a lot easy recipes available online, you can just throwing the dinner into the oven and magic will happen. Oven Recipes

2020 must have appliances

A Bigger Refrigerator
Since MCO, everyone is reducing out going and outdoor activities, most of the people are cooking at home and need to keep more food and ingredients in the refrigerator. As movement control, most of the household have to keep at least few days to a week ingredients in fridge and a bigger refrigerator is really important in this period of time. Bigger refrigerator also make it possible for us to consume a much greater variety of foods than we ever did without them in our kitchens. 

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