COMPAREDULU.COM started its life in August 2019 as an online decision support system geared towards Household Consumers who are interested in finding the small domestic electronic products that best suit their needs and budgets.

The objectives of the CompareDulu.com is to provide testing, reviews and verify home and kitchen related products such as rice cooker, food preparation appliances, pots and pans, refrigerator, washing machine, hair dryer, etc.  

We will keep updating latest / new launches product reviews and insight for readers, in order to get apple to apple comparison, comparedulu.com provide infor and create content base on consumer prospects. 

COMPAREDULU.COM is still in Beta stage and we are working hard to improve our algorithm, increase the accuracy of the data and develop new sections to better assist your decision process. We need your feedback to make COMPAREDULU.COM a more useful tool. You can leave all your comments through our inquiry page. 

Value & Objective of the site
Consumer first- honest information backed with real-life examples.
Believe that sharing is caring, so we want to build trust and transparency through shared experiences. Strives to help people buy with confidence and make smarter; more informed purchase decisions.
Create convenience for people to compare household related products in a glance. 

Who is behind COMPAREDULU.COM?
‚ÄčWe are two co-founders who live in Malaysia. We both have Masters degree in E-commerce and Marketing and experiences household appliances industry, and both of us have passion for household appliances content reviews and testing, programming and artificial intelligence.

We are actually surprised to see that comparedulu.com is growing so rapidly and the feedback we receive from our visitor are very encouraging so far. This gives us the motivation to put more effort in order to improve our site and make it one of the reference websites for home appliances consumers. 

How to Contact us?
You can send all your messages via our inquiry page. Your feedback is always welcomed!